Are we getting childhood obesity wrong?

New research reviews raise questions about our efforts to prevent childhood obesity. Growing sound and fury around the farm bill. Plus, the latest on bird flu.

A blurred school hallway with young children walking. The floor is shiny blue.

Hello! I’m Jessica Fu. This Tuesday and next, Helena is handing the reins of Food Fix over to me. I’m thrilled to be your guest writer.

A bit about myself: I previously covered the food and ag beat as a staff writer for The Counter, which folded two years ago before it was very recently resurrected (more on that below). Now I’m a freelance writer. Working independently has been rewarding in unexpected ways. I’ve been so happy trying my hand at longer magazine features, meeting and working with new people, and writing stories beyond my usual beat. That being said, I’ve always got an eye on what’s happening in the world of food and policy, so I’m excited to dive back in.

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