Biden shines the spotlight on shrinkflation

What’s up with shrinkflation? USDA urges states to do better processing SNAP applications, benefits. Maryland bill would require heavy metals testing for baby food. Coalition asks Congress to leave Prop. 12 alone in the farm bill.

Snack foods sit on a table with the presidential seal in the background. Snacks include: ice cream, wheat thins, oreos, doritos, tostitos, etc.s

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to Food Fix! I hope you’ve all recovered from that nail-biter of a Super Bowl. In terms of food and beverage ads, the spot from Dunkin’ seems to be the one everyone is still talking about. It’s certainly clever, but I couldn’t help but wonder if Tom Brady now consumes coffee or refined sugar – two of the things Dunkin’ quite literally runs on. 

Popular last week: Happy to report that far and away the most popular link last week was Tracy Chapman’s amazing Grammys performance. Second most clicked: This JAMA Pediatrics commentary on how food insecurity is a source of toxic stress. 

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