Capitol Hill wants answers on lead-tainted applesauce mess

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seek FDA briefing on the cinnamon applesauce investigation – and what can be done to prevent a repeat. An update on FDA’s sweeping agency reorganization and more.

A photo of the U.S. Capitol building on a sunny day. The sky is blue with white puffy clouds.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Food Fix! The Oscar nominations just came out: Where on earth is Greta Gerwig for best director? As my former colleague Bill Kuchman put it in Popculturology today: “You can nominate more than one woman, guys!”

Food Fix on PBS: On Sunday, I appeared in a NewsHour segment on the impact of the lead-contaminated applesauce pouches and what the incident tells us about the limitations of food safety oversight in a global food supply. Watch it here.

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