Cronobacter put on notice

The deadly germ behind last year’s formula crisis will soon be on the CDC’s list of notifiable diseases. Plus, a look into rising rates of states’ SNAP mistakes.

A photo of an open infant formula can with a hand holding a powdered formula scoop on top of the can.s

Happy Wednesday and welcome to Food Fix. It’s good to be back in your inboxes, even if it isn’t on our normally scheduled day — hope you had a nice Fourth! Last week, I was in the Netherlands and learned a lot. Look for that dispatch Friday. In the meantime, there’s a lot to catch up on! Today’s “What I’m reading” (which I’ve learned is everyone’s favorite section) is particularly beefy.

Food Fix around town: Before leaving town, I participated in a Bloomberg Government event on the farm bill featuring the “four corners” of the House and Senate agriculture committees. The overall discussion wasn’t all that newsy, but I think the event offered a solid overview of where things stand, if you want to catch the replay. (I was part of the second panel.)

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