FDA dips into food as medicine – and takes another look at added sugars

How FDA is thinking about food as medicine and sugar reduction. Senate to hold hearings on House debt limit bill as cliff nears. Frank Yiannas backs calls for single food safety agency. Plus, lawmakers put bakers on notice over sesame debacle.

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Hello and welcome to Food Fix! Thanks for being a subscriber and making regular coverage of food policy possible. Today’s edition is coming out a bit later than usual because I am battling a truly terrible toddler bug. Kids are so fun, but so germy!

Food Fix office hours: I’m going to hold another round of Food Fix office hours May 23-24. I know I initially said I would do these quarterly, but somehow it’s May already. Despite the craziness, I’m going to do my best to hold these regularly. Last time we did this, it was great to meet with so many of you, even if virtually! 

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