Food, Inc. 2 zeroes in on consolidation

A look at the issues highlighted in the Food, Inc. sequel – and what the filmmakers want to change. House Oversight looks to hold FDA’s feet to the fire. Plus, USDA finalizes updates to WIC food packages.

A photograph of farmworkers harvesting tomatoes with green plants surrounding them.

A scene from FOOD, INC 2, a Magnolia Pictures release. Photo courtesy of River Road, Participant and Magnolia Pictures.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Food Fix! In case you didn’t see, FDA’s foods program has joined Instagram. The account has already posted about topics like cutting back on sodium and not falling for misleading dietary supplement marketing. 

Popular in Food Fix: The most popular link last week was the USDA Economic Research report on food insecurity estimates by race and ethnicity. Always great to see readers engaging with original sources!

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