Keeping the farm bill marriage intact

Why everyone is talking about keeping the farm bill together. AAP recommends meds, surgery early on for adolescent obesity. Foxx to lead House Education and Workforce committee again. Plus, a bunch of interesting job moves.

A plastic toy grocery cart full of vegetables sits next to a plastic toy tractor against a teal background.

A DALL-E generated image.

Hello, and welcome to the 40th edition of Food Fix! Thanks for being a subscriber. I’ve been playing around with artificial intelligence to make images for the newsletter using DALL-E. Today, I requested “a toy tractor next to a toy grocery cart against a blue backdrop, digital art.” Not bad! 

Food Fix in the news: I was quoted in this piece by Chuck Abbott over at FERN’s Ag Insider on Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s retirement. And thanks to Bruce Cole at Edible San Francisco for including Food Fix in this roundup of favorite food newsletters

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