Lunchables rip open a school lunch debate

A WaPo dive on Lunchables raises big questions about school food. House Ag Dems warn against moving farm bill money around. Plus, USDA’s food insecurity estimates are set to be unveiled tomorrow.

A photograph of a stack of yellow Lunchables packages. The variety is Pizza.s

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Food Fix! We are on day 21 of not having a speaker of the House with no end in sight. The federal government runs out of funding Nov. 17. I have no inside scoop here — anyone who tells you they know how this ends is full of it — but I was amused to see Rep. Kevin Hern (R-Okla.) trying to win votes for his speakership bid by handing out McDonald’s coffee with his campaign materials.

Popular in Food Fix: Two of the most popular links last week were the short video about USDA’s fruit painting collection (so cool) and the John Oliver segment on food safety (very funny). 

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