Soda taxes back in the spotlight

New research finds soda taxes put a real dent in sugary drink sales. There’s a bipartisan budget deal, but the funding situation is still fraught. Infant formula recall raises questions from key senator. SNA highlights cost concerns for school meal programs.

A close up photo of the tops of aluminum soda cans. The cans are orange, red and there is one that is blue.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Food Fix. A few of you sent this satirical piece in The Onion about Congress cutting down the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program to just an annual treat on your birthday. The Babylon Bee on Monday also poked fun at stressed out women who want backyard chickens

Popular in Food Fix: Last week’s most popular links – other than the Pop Tarts Sacrifice, of course – were the Washington Post story on how to identify ultra-processed foods and this Reuters piece on the Consumer Reports study of phthalates in food

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