The new players shaking up food lobbying

There’s a growing number of companies and groups engaging in Washington on everything from cell-cultivated chicken to climate change. Here’s who we’re watching.

Generative AI digital image depicting the U.S. Capitol with fruits and vegetables raining from the sky. An American flag is also in the sky above the capitol building against a blue sky with light clouds.

Washington may not be getting as much done these days — everything from the farm bill to funding the government has been a struggle — but a growing number of upstart companies and groups are lobbying lawmakers on issues ranging from cell-cultivated chicken to climate change.

More startups are now making the bet that showing up in D.C. is necessary, sometimes even before entering the market. While venture capital for food tech has dried up and some food and ag groups have decreased their lobbying spending in recent months, there are several newer players on the rise.

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