What to watch in 2024

What I’m watching in 2024, from the farm bill to Ozempic. A rundown of the most popular Food Fix posts in 2023. Plus, FDA continues to juggle several food safety crises.

A red apple sits upside down against a light pink background. 2024 is carved into the apple.

Ripe apple with with carved figure 2024 on pink background

Happy Tuesday, Happy New Year and welcome to Food Fix! I’m glad to be back in your inboxes, in part so we can finally discuss the marketing genius and utter darkness of the viral Pop-Tarts Sacrifice. If you missed it, here’s an explainer and a thread of the best memes to get you up to speed. 

Food Fix in 2024: This year, one of my goals is to bring in contributors and more voices to this platform. We’re going to experiment with a couple freelance features and some guest writers. Speaking of, are there particular writers you’d like to see in this more personal newsletter format? Let me know!

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