Where is FTC’s report on infant formula?

It’s been a minute since FTC launched an inquiry into infant formula. Two experts dropped from a key alcohol review panel. And more than 100 lawmakers urge inclusion of hot foods in SNAP.

A photograph of an infant formula section at the grocery store. The shelves are mostly filled with Enfamil products and everything is housed behind glass doors.

Corona, CA - Jan 26, 2022: Grocery store shelves with canisters of Enfamil and generic powdered baby formulas secured behind locked glass doors. many empty shelves due to shortages.

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Food Fix! My Christmas tree is up (thanks to my in-laws!), and I learned this week that advent calendars can be a bit of a bummer for 3-year-olds who’d really rather just open everything all at once. Live and learn!

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